To keep you updated about any changes that happen to this blog I will note it here, so you won't have to search through all the entries...

Than here it goes:

06.12: New Entry - Mid-Autumn Festival & National Day! (Page 3)

04.12: New Entry - Brides Pool & Plover Cove (Page 3)

22.11: New Entry - Lantau Island (Page 2) [I know it took a while but now I have some days free and will try to add some more stories, I promise^^]

18.10: New Entry - Beach - here we go... (Page 2)

14.10: New Entry - Chinese Names Farrago! (Page 2)

11.10: New Entry - Huanyíng Huanyíng (Page 2)

05.10: New Entry (Page 2)
05.10: Pictures updated
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