Ohhh...Shut It!! *lalalalala*

On the following saturday and sunday the local students started to prepare for the new term at the university, in the back of the hall building (that is where my windows are *g*). I would have appreciated it too be more quiet as starting from around 9 am in the morning until late in the evening you just heard screaming of people, banging of baskets, splashing of water and clapping of hands..the most unendurable noise..and there was no escape..the people were just freaking out^^ I was incredibly glad when monday arrived and I knew that from now on those people would unleash their energy on campus only

I've made a picture for you, how it looked like from my window^^
Hall Games

Meanwhile most of the exchange students were gone to an orientation event organized by the university though Hong Kong and since I was too late again, I therefore couldn't attend and had nothing much to do^^

Anyway, this week nothing much happened. The university life consumed most of the time and focus of mine. I received my students card after 5 attempts to get it, running up and down the Li Ka Shing Tower from one office to another^^ I paid for my living expenses, exchanged some money, made a new attempt to get my insurance (that I still haven't received)..basic stuff that you have to go through when adjusting your life I would say.

I also met Gerhard, who is from my university in Germany and whom I know for quite a while now. We had some chit-chat and played a couple of games in the hall facilities room, like table tennis and table soccer.

Later this week I was envited by my neighbour Katie from Texas, who lives just across the floor, to accompanie her and some others to Karaoke in the evening. Since I haven't ever been to a Karaoke bar before I was eager to go^^ It was a great evening! Most of the guys were from the States and Canada. Only one local guy and me Though none of us got the chance to proof his or her singing abilities, cause the microphone was all the time used by some local people singing Cantonese songs, we enjoyed the evening a lot. I certainly will go there for another try^^

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Shu-lin (6.10.07 12:24)
Hey Nadeshda!!

Great that you still having fun
I wish you a hapy birthday!!! Have a good one!

xxx Shu-lin

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