Temple Street

The first week came finally to an end and we were again challanged to find some nice place to visit in HK. Our small guide book, as well as the tons of information brochures that we hoarded from the tourist information office, were all suggesting the absolutely must-see Night Market in Temple Street in Jordan.

Prepared with our saviour, The Map, we went on foot there..cause HK is not a particularly big city in terms of distance, it is of course large in means of heights^^..After all it wasn't difficult to find the market. The entrance was put into place with a lot of lights and other decoration stuff to symbolize a friendly welcome. But in the end it was rather disapointing because the only things they sold were just some useless textiles, or fake watches and jewellery.

I was really looking forward to a great cultural market where I could acquire some cool Hong Konese stuff to bring home, but I guess I just expected too much from the whole thing.

There are many of such markets all over HK, both during day and night time. There are even special streets where only 1 product is sold, such as birds, flowers, shoes, jewellery and some others. So far I haven't been there but surely will give it a try some time when I am bored and don't have another place to go to

Here also some pics how you can imagine HK by night^^

Streets at Night
Another Street
29.9.07 18:10

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