Hell, What should I do?

After describing my most intense impressions of the life I was going to face (that info can be now found under the Big 5) I'd like to carry on with what actually happened to me, where I have been, what I have seen and what I still go on experiencing in Hong Kong. (As I move on, I'll definitly include some pics for you, so as you won't get too bored^^)

On the 2nd of September, that is just on the next day after my arrival, I had to face the undeniable truth that the winter term at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University (in short PolyU) began and therefore I wouldn't have any more time to discover a bit more of my surroundings. My first lecture began at 9:30am (what in Germany would have been about 2:30am I guess ō_ō

The picture below I made on my way there..its the distant red-brown building^^

Li Ka Shing Tower

I was kind of confused since first I had to figure out where to go, if I should register first or just participate in the course without telling the students office that I arrived? Beside that there was also the welcoming or introduction ceremony for foreign students going on so I was uncertain whether it would be better to have a look there but than I would have missed my classes  In the end I decided not to skip my class and to attend the introduction after the classes dismissal. For gods and my own sake it wasn't that difficult at all to orientate on the campus, even if its compared to my home university rather big, every building bears a huge letter on its entrance and there is always somebody around who helps a stupid, lost foreign student^^ After listening to the ceremony for about 10 minutes I decided that its time to finally register myself as a student so I went on to do the bureaucratic stuff, that they all love here

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