By the end of the week we went as well to some other places in HK. Like the notorious Lan Kwai Fong, where all the tourists meet up in the evenings for consuming vast amounts of alcohol^^ Especially women can take advantage during the week, as usually on wednesdays and thursdays the drinks in some bars are for free the whole night long^^ (I particularly like this arrangement of things *g*) On the official website of LKF it says that its is the „ worlds renowned district with over 100 restaurants and bars“ and this is absolutely true^^ You can find any kind of bars there, German, Russian, Italian, French, British pubs and so on and so forth^^ I haven't been there too often though as I must admit, the way back from HK Island is a bit of a trial, since the MTR stops working at around midnight I guess and we need to take a taxi home. Even if compared to prices in Germany it is exceptionally cheap to take a cab I still have to pay attention to the screaming voice of my wallet


The most amazing thing in LKF is, in order to reach all the pubs you have to walk a long distance up in a most ridiculous angle, that means when you get there you are out of breath and could do with a rest^^ Thats also one reason why I won't appreciate getting drunk there^^ If you stumble there on your way back, you'll just roll down the whole district and end up being dead *g*

29.9.07 15:51

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