In order to save the day Meggie, Alice and Wayne (my Chinese trio) invited me for a walk along the coastline in direction to the harbour of HK, which is actually just some 20 to 30 minutes away from here. The seaside allows a gorgeous view to Hong Kong Island which is mostly sieged by tourists and wealthy HK people, as it is considered to be the Nightlife district of all HK places.

HK Island
HK Island 2

Most of the time the view across the river is blurred by smog so that you can see only the shapes of the buildings, nevertheless it is amazingly beautiful. There have been 2 days in HK where people were able to see bright blue sky without any smog where the government couldn't fail to notice, that it due to the impact of their reforms on environmental issues. Whereas the meteorologist explained this phenomenon as coused by an increase in wind force of about 2% in the last couple of years^^ Rather interesting discussions were going on here..funny to watch them getting so heated over such a topic *g*

But lets move on..

The walk on the seaside leads to the famous Avenue of Stars in Tsim Sha Tsui. It is a copy of the Hollywoods Walk of Fame The stars engraved here are mostly famous artists in China. The only ones I could recognize were of course Bruce Lee, Jacke Chan and Jet Lee

Avenue of Stars

Jackie Chan
Jet Li

Bruce Lee

And us

It is great to walk there especially in the evenings, with a slight breeze from the sea and all the lights coming from HK Island which are reflected in the water. We even saw a wedding couple taking pictures with this background..very romantic

As we finally decided to return to the hall we kind of stumbled across a pub with some happy hour offer^^ Since we have been reversing about how we usually spend the evenings both in Germany and China..I of course described the wonderful time spent in company at some bar at home. My Chinese companios liked my stories so much, that it was decided in an instant that we should give it a try..especially because none of them has been to such an establishment before^^

And there we were, in a British pub actually, having our beers. It is common here to have happy hours during the week and no offers on the weekends so for 1 beer we got 2. After my Chinese guys were done with the first one they got the second served..and to my great luck I was the one drinking them all^^
Especially those of my new drunk Chinese friends^^ Seems I make a habit of drinking with innocent people^^

Alice in Pub
Wayne in Pub
Meggie in Pub

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