Hell, What should I do?

After describing my most intense impressions of the life I was going to face (that info can be now found under the Big 5) I'd like to carry on with what actually happened to me, where I have been, what I have seen and what I still go on experiencing in Hong Kong. (As I move on, I'll definitly include some pics for you, so as you won't get too bored^^)

On the 2nd of September, that is just on the next day after my arrival, I had to face the undeniable truth that the winter term at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University (in short PolyU) began and therefore I wouldn't have any more time to discover a bit more of my surroundings. My first lecture began at 9:30am (what in Germany would have been about 2:30am I guess _

The picture below I made on my way there..its the distant red-brown building^^

Li Ka Shing Tower

I was kind of confused since first I had to figure out where to go, if I should register first or just participate in the course without telling the students office that I arrived? Beside that there was also the welcoming or introduction ceremony for foreign students going on so I was uncertain whether it would be better to have a look there but than I would have missed my classes In the end I decided not to skip my class and to attend the introduction after the classes dismissal. For gods and my own sake it wasn't that difficult at all to orientate on the campus, even if its compared to my home university rather big, every building bears a huge letter on its entrance and there is always somebody around who helps a stupid, lost foreign student^^ After listening to the ceremony for about 10 minutes I decided that its time to finally register myself as a student so I went on to do the bureaucratic stuff, that they all love here

29.9.07 16:11

In order to save the day Meggie, Alice and Wayne (my Chinese trio) invited me for a walk along the coastline in direction to the harbour of HK, which is actually just some 20 to 30 minutes away from here. The seaside allows a gorgeous view to Hong Kong Island which is mostly sieged by tourists and wealthy HK people, as it is considered to be the Nightlife district of all HK places.

HK Island
HK Island 2

Most of the time the view across the river is blurred by smog so that you can see only the shapes of the buildings, nevertheless it is amazingly beautiful. There have been 2 days in HK where people were able to see bright blue sky without any smog where the government couldn't fail to notice, that it due to the impact of their reforms on environmental issues. Whereas the meteorologist explained this phenomenon as coused by an increase in wind force of about 2% in the last couple of years^^ Rather interesting discussions were going on here..funny to watch them getting so heated over such a topic *g*

But lets move on..

The walk on the seaside leads to the famous Avenue of Stars in Tsim Sha Tsui. It is a copy of the Hollywoods Walk of Fame The stars engraved here are mostly famous artists in China. The only ones I could recognize were of course Bruce Lee, Jacke Chan and Jet Lee

Avenue of Stars

Jackie Chan
Jet Li

Bruce Lee

And us

It is great to walk there especially in the evenings, with a slight breeze from the sea and all the lights coming from HK Island which are reflected in the water. We even saw a wedding couple taking pictures with this background..very romantic

As we finally decided to return to the hall we kind of stumbled across a pub with some happy hour offer^^ Since we have been reversing about how we usually spend the evenings both in Germany and China..I of course described the wonderful time spent in company at some bar at home. My Chinese companios liked my stories so much, that it was decided in an instant that we should give it a try..especially because none of them has been to such an establishment before^^

And there we were, in a British pub actually, having our beers. It is common here to have happy hours during the week and no offers on the weekends so for 1 beer we got 2. After my Chinese guys were done with the first one they got the second served..and to my great luck I was the one drinking them all^^
Especially those of my new drunk Chinese friends^^ Seems I make a habit of drinking with innocent people^^

Alice in Pub
Wayne in Pub
Meggie in Pub

29.9.07 05:28


By the end of the week we went as well to some other places in HK. Like the notorious Lan Kwai Fong, where all the tourists meet up in the evenings for consuming vast amounts of alcohol^^ Especially women can take advantage during the week, as usually on wednesdays and thursdays the drinks in some bars are for free the whole night long^^ (I particularly like this arrangement of things *g*) On the official website of LKF it says that its is the worlds renowned district with over 100 restaurants and bars and this is absolutely true^^ You can find any kind of bars there, German, Russian, Italian, French, British pubs and so on and so forth^^ I haven't been there too often though as I must admit, the way back from HK Island is a bit of a trial, since the MTR stops working at around midnight I guess and we need to take a taxi home. Even if compared to prices in Germany it is exceptionally cheap to take a cab I still have to pay attention to the screaming voice of my wallet


The most amazing thing in LKF is, in order to reach all the pubs you have to walk a long distance up in a most ridiculous angle, that means when you get there you are out of breath and could do with a rest^^ Thats also one reason why I won't appreciate getting drunk there^^ If you stumble there on your way back, you'll just roll down the whole district and end up being dead *g*

29.9.07 15:51

Temple Street

The first week came finally to an end and we were again challanged to find some nice place to visit in HK. Our small guide book, as well as the tons of information brochures that we hoarded from the tourist information office, were all suggesting the absolutely must-see Night Market in Temple Street in Jordan.

Prepared with our saviour, The Map, we went on foot there..cause HK is not a particularly big city in terms of distance, it is of course large in means of heights^^..After all it wasn't difficult to find the market. The entrance was put into place with a lot of lights and other decoration stuff to symbolize a friendly welcome. But in the end it was rather disapointing because the only things they sold were just some useless textiles, or fake watches and jewellery.

I was really looking forward to a great cultural market where I could acquire some cool Hong Konese stuff to bring home, but I guess I just expected too much from the whole thing.

There are many of such markets all over HK, both during day and night time. There are even special streets where only 1 product is sold, such as birds, flowers, shoes, jewellery and some others. So far I haven't been there but surely will give it a try some time when I am bored and don't have another place to go to

Here also some pics how you can imagine HK by night^^

Streets at Night
Another Street
29.9.07 18:10

Ohhh...Shut It!! *lalalalala*

On the following saturday and sunday the local students started to prepare for the new term at the university, in the back of the hall building (that is where my windows are *g*). I would have appreciated it too be more quiet as starting from around 9 am in the morning until late in the evening you just heard screaming of people, banging of baskets, splashing of water and clapping of hands..the most unendurable noise..and there was no escape..the people were just freaking out^^ I was incredibly glad when monday arrived and I knew that from now on those people would unleash their energy on campus only

I've made a picture for you, how it looked like from my window^^
Hall Games

Meanwhile most of the exchange students were gone to an orientation event organized by the university though Hong Kong and since I was too late again, I therefore couldn't attend and had nothing much to do^^

Anyway, this week nothing much happened. The university life consumed most of the time and focus of mine. I received my students card after 5 attempts to get it, running up and down the Li Ka Shing Tower from one office to another^^ I paid for my living expenses, exchanged some money, made a new attempt to get my insurance (that I still haven't received)..basic stuff that you have to go through when adjusting your life I would say.

I also met Gerhard, who is from my university in Germany and whom I know for quite a while now. We had some chit-chat and played a couple of games in the hall facilities room, like table tennis and table soccer.

Later this week I was envited by my neighbour Katie from Texas, who lives just across the floor, to accompanie her and some others to Karaoke in the evening. Since I haven't ever been to a Karaoke bar before I was eager to go^^ It was a great evening! Most of the guys were from the States and Canada. Only one local guy and me Though none of us got the chance to proof his or her singing abilities, cause the microphone was all the time used by some local people singing Cantonese songs, we enjoyed the evening a lot. I certainly will go there for another try^^

4.10.07 05:38

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