Lantau Island

The following weekend, on another perfect day, the host mother of Meggie invited us to accompany her with her other host daugther + her friend for hiking at Lantau Island. Firstly I maybe should explain which role a host family plays here. Basically every exchange student was asked whether they would like to have a host family when they came to HK. Of course I decided to have one too, where I could get a glimpse of how the real life of a HK family looks like. Well it seems that I was considered not important enough, so I haven't got one but Meggie has a host mum, and thats all right for me too. So we met up firstly with the other two girls and went by the minibus to the end station where we met up with the host mum. Elka, who is a professor at another university in HK, was already awaiting us with two of her friends. After everybody introduced themselves we finally went to our destination, the Lantau Island where we should have our hiking tour. The good thing here is, that basically I wanted to go to this Island before but haven't found the time, so it was quite useful for me as well. The whole tour should have taken around 5 to 6 hours as the route seemed not very difficult on the first sight. The light slope upwards was easy to master, so we had some time to take photos...

Lantau Mountain
Lantau Mountain 2

The higher we got, the more beautiful the view became of course and the more difficult it seemed as our feet were aching and at least I could feel every muscle in my legs. Nevertheless we had to continue, so we went on again always having the silly thought in mind that the next highest point ought to be our goal. In this regard the nature seemed to be obviously against us, since all the time we had to discover that behind each peak there was another, far higher pinnacle to reach Additionally to our exertions the sun was shining very brightly again, so I got another sun burn where it just got better after the Shek O beach experience. It took us some hours but finally we reached the top of the mountain. The second biggest mountain in Hong Kong with 9..meters After having a short break we decided to go down but taking another path from the one before. Luckily this one allowed us a glimpse on the Lantau Islands Big Buddha, that is one of the great attractions in Hong Kong, and that you simply have to visit when you are staying here. In this regard again some pics...

Lantau Mountain 3
Lantau Mountain 4
Lantau Mountain Peak
Lantau Big Buddha

It took us a while to get down as well and on our way we went by some other major viewing points. One of these is called the wisdom path, where I took the best picture of my it is

Lantau - Path of Wisdom

And this strange picture of a bird-animal should refer to some old Chinse saga...just don't ask me whats it about^^ As we were heading back to the bus station we also passed the staircase leading up to the big Buddha. After all this climbing only Meggie and me were determined enough to go up the 300 steps to see the Buddha. Of course I can offer you some picture on this adventure too:

Lantau Bird
Huge Buddha
Buddhas Priests

And that was basically it..after we returned to Hong Kong we enjoyed a traditional Cantonese meal together and separated to go home.

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